About Skipton Invest Direct

Skipton Building Society has partnered with FundsNetwork to help experienced investors make quick and easy investments online.

Who we are

Skipton Invest Direct is provided by Skipton Building Society, the fourth largest building society in the UK. Our mutual heritage dates all the way back to 1853. Since 1988 we’ve helped people with their long-term plans by offering face-to-face financial advice.

If you have relatively simple investment needs and are comfortable choosing your own funds, our fund supermarket could support you. Provided by FundsNetwork, the fund supermarket features a wide range of fund options, plus support tools, to help you make your own investment decisions.

Investing directly is not for everyone, especially if you have little experience investing or have larger, complex goals. At Skipton we provide investment, retirement and inheritance tax planning advice to thousands of people across the UK. With advisers based all over the country, we’re here to help you plan your future. You will not be pressured into acting upon Skipton’s recommendations, and we will give you all the time you need to make a decision. A charge will only apply should you proceed (and will be fully explained to you beforehand).

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We offer Restricted financial advice. This means we can advise you on a range of carefully selected products and investment funds from well-respected providers, which form our ‘Preferred Product/Fund Range’.

About FundsNetwork

Owned and backed by Fidelity International, FundsNetwork is one of the UK’s leading investment platforms. In addition to operating the fund supermarket, FundsNetwork manages the administrative side of your investments and can provide you with online access to view your holdings.

Costs and charges are available to view on FundsNetwork and will always be stated before you transact on your account.